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What if he wasn’t what the other expected him to be? What if he becomes his greatest disappointment? What if he just wasn’t cut out for what they both wanted? )

Random: Maybe its just me but I really just can't get over that OT5 MAXIMUM
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It was when things between friendship and something else began to clash. What were they to each other? Neither of them wanted to answer the damned question but they knew at some point they’d have to face it. )

A/N: I don't have an excuse, except- No, I'm almost always either drunk or sleepless or afloat anyway. ._.
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"So, what am I supposed to call you?" Jaejoong freely asks. "Yunho's fine," he replies. )

A/N: Well this turned out longer than it originally should have been. Supposedly a one-shot that dragged on and is at present, a 6-part story. ._. There's something in the waters of sleeplessness that gets to me. So, I'm terribly sorry. Also coz I've been having confidence issues ever since the last thing I wrote.
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Maybe tomorrow, when he can't feel anything like the whole thing was surreal. )

Note: Thought I had the right to write something today. Since I'm done with two three plates out of four to be passed next week. Although I still have a lot for the whole month. Needed a break, so here it is.

If It Kills Me

Fri, Aug. 12th, 2011 03:05 pm
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And all I really wanna do is love you, a kind much closer than friends use~ )

You're My Star

Sat, Aug. 6th, 2011 06:54 pm
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"I can't help you." )
A/N: Well, I don't have an excuse but I'm not really confident about this one. Hoho

She Will Be Loved

Sun, Jul. 24th, 2011 02:08 am
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I don't mind spending everyday, out on your corner in the pouring rain. Look for the girl with a broken smile. Ask her if she wants to stay a while. )

A/N: And this is why my thesis ain't moving tonight. :| Comments?


Tue, Jul. 19th, 2011 11:35 pm
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Everything might just be subsequent to everything else. )

A/N: I swore to never write again but that's a promise I'm willing to break for my sanity's sake. My friends are right, I can't go without letting my frustrations out through fiction. I take back what I said, and its a shame that I even said it.
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"And in the darkened underpass I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last. But then a strange fear gripped me and I just couldn't ask." - There is a light that never goes out; The Smiths )

A/N: I felt bad for not trying to write anything for the supposed anniversary. /bricked


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