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A few more days pass and Jaejoong keeps up with meeting Yunho for lunch at that same place. He goes on giving him moral support and tells him about how he’s doing at the company and at university, too. It seems like they were finally growing up and it was a tad pressuring, at the same time refreshing to feel that breeze of freedom hitting their faces.
On Yunho’s last day of requirements submissions, he meets Jaejoong  for lunch again. They go straight to his home after and spent the rest of the day in boxers, in between the sheets. Yunho slept as if it was his job while Jaejoong read proposals from the companies he’s been learning about, taking glances as his lover moves in a restless sleep. He smiles.
“Aren’t you two ever moving in together? You’ll be a year old in a couple of months, right?” Jaejoong beams his father a weird look at the question, “What? Was that not a normal thing to say?”
“Pops,” Jaejoong’s mind conjures a brilliant plan he was sure Yunho couldn’t say no to, “Isn’t that a little big of a responsibility for two young people to take?”
“And a few companies, isn’t? Are you kidding me?” Jaejoong’s dad laughs, “I was only curious, a lot of couples I know live together to settle their differences, and to see if they really can handle each other like that. You know, some of them think of getting married, what about you?”
“Its not like we can get married in Korea,” he logically states, “And I’m willing to wait until he graduates, or when its confirmed that he’s won university over.”
“Well, if you live together soon, I might just give him a graduation gift.” His dad smiles at him, “You know where I am getting at, right Jaejoong?”
“Does Mom know about this?”
“She will when everything can’t be undone anymore. You know how she is. This is exactly why I approved of you two together, I don’t want you ending up in a marriage the same as mine. And Mama said I’ll die earlier than her when she finds out I couldn’t get you two to live under one roof.”
“You are aware that he has a sister, right? We can’t just go on our own way and let her be, she’s in high school.”
“Yes, and believe it or not, Mama’s willing to take care of her. She’s always wanted a girl grandchild too. You didn’t hear this from me, she’s milking the opportunity, too.” He laughs at his own joke.
“Have you been investigating?”
“Have you been watching too much dramas? No, of course not. I’ve been keeping in touch with Yunho once in a while. I’ve been to their house, too. I wouldn’t blindly approve of you two living together if he can’t even handle himself.”
Yunho can sure keep secrets, or maybe Pops threatened him. He mentally laughed at his own conclusion. He nods gently, “Oh…” Was all that Jaejoong could say before running and shouting a resonating, “YEEEEAAAAAAAAAH!!!” out the window of his dad’s office, “Jung Yunho, you can’t say no to me now. Absolutely not.” And he grins, hugs his father and drives to wherever Yunho is to warm him up on the news.
“So, how do I propose to this knucklehead?” he asks himself.
Yunho wakes up at seven in the morning, throwing his alarm clock to shut it instead of just turning it off. He doesn’t know why, but he found it rather amusing to take revenge on that inanimate object for waking him up. He stretches, grabs a shirt and walks out to the kitchen for coffee his sister had already made before leaving for school herself.
The smell of a continental breakfast wakes him up totally, as he walks faster to find Jaejoong clad in a complete suit minus the jacket, plus an apron. “Your sister let me in. I had her dropped off to school by hyung,” Jaejoong says casually and Yunho stares at his back while he moved, “Why aren’t you sitting down?”
“This is a nice surprise,” he finally replies, groggy but excited.
“Do you want me to make you breakfast everyday?”
“And spoil me even more? Oh, what’s with the suit? Big day?”
“Pops is making things official in the company. I’ll be handling the food chains now- It’s ready!” Jaejoong fixes the food on a platter and places the whole thing in the center of the kitchen bar, “And, he’s giving me the galleries, too.”
Yunho takes a portion and places it on Jaejoong’s plate before putting some for himself, “Congratulations! Hmm… Yes, I’d like you to make me breakfast everyday.” He grins and Jaejoong wipes off stray bits of food on his lips with his fingers.
“Hmmmm… And, I’ve applied for graduation already. What about you?”
“Next week, might be. I still have a few statements to settle. Mostly my finals fees and lab courses.” Yunho explains and Jaejoong nods, holding himself back from taking the matter off of his boyfriend’s concerns again.
“I hope we don’t graduate on the same date,” he blurts out, pouting a little.
“Why, you want me to be there so much?” Yunho teases, chuckling.
“Of course, I do! I’d rather have you there than my mother, if it makes a difference to say that.” Jaejoong smirks, his relationship with her has never gotten better and he hates how he can’t seem to do anything right when all along he just wanted to lean on her for once, at least once in his lifetime but she doesn’t budge. “Anyway, I have to go ahead in a jiffy, meeting’s at eight-thirty. Text me when your class is done, hm? And finish all of this!” He points at the whole platter enough to feed three more people.
His driver arrives just before he’s finished with his serving. He kisses Yunho goodbye and he gets a good luck back. Yunho looks at the food and says to himself, “He just does what he wants when he thinks it.”
As Jaejoong stuck to his word of making him breakfast everyday, Yunho fulfills lunch breaks dedicated to the other man. Sometimes he’d brought Changmin along to meet up with Donghae, too.
Jaejoong learned to bribe Changmin with food to keep his hunches to himself because he might have figured out that he’s taking Yunho away soon. Donghae keeps insisting on going drinking on one of the nights they’re free no matter how much Jaejoong says he can’t risk it even with Yunho backing him up. He was a bad drunk and he wouldn’t need an audience to witness that pathetic transformation.
That one night he was free, Yunho was slacking off at home. He came over, bringing a few six-pack beers and food he had prepared. “I just thought maybe its not so bad if you saw me getting drunk and all,” he smiles with underlying trouble.
He was, in fact, the worst drunk Yunho had ever had to handle. He was sang non-stop, he was awfully honest with everything which Yunho found entertaining and scary at the same time. He turns touchy and he slurs on curses in between sentences. He doesn’t deny that he enjoys when Jaejoong shuts him up with kisses when he disagrees to something he had, as Jaejoong says, theorized.
Yunho thinks this was just Jaejoong’s way of showing him another side of his complex personality, a way to learn the wild side of this seemingly perfectly cutout human. Even in that, he can’t find anything ugly because everything was real and not fabricated by etiquette. Jaejoong was free, though on the worst side of it, he still was beautiful.
Yunho watches him, passed out on the shag rug, face flushed and all. He brings him to bed, cleans him up and changes his clothes into comfortable pajamas. The next day, he greets him a good afternoon with aspirin tablets in hand and water. “You’re not supposed to have a hangover with beer but you drank too much.”  Jaejoong just smiles at him and kisses him on the lips before attempting to go back to sleep, “You have to eat first, Jae.” And he does without qualms.
The following day was most exciting for both of them. Yunho had cleared everything on his account and is now eligible for graduation, thus he had applied for it, too. Jaejoong takes him out on a typical movie-dinner date as a congratulatory gift, he says. And goes home with him, ending up in bed, hot skins and all.
The sun’s rays obliterated through the blinds. Jaejoong turned in Yunho’s arms to face the still sleeping man. He smiles at the view, tracing the man’s lower lip with his finger before pressing himself against him, placing an arm over Yunho’s body.
Yunho stirs awake and kisses the top of Jaejoong head, “Good morning!” The other man looks up at him and lands a kiss on his lips in return. “What do you want for breakfast?”
“I don’t know. I don’t want to get up yet. Is is still morning even?”
And they stay in bed for a few more minutes in silence, Jaejoong listening to Yunho’s heartbeats as he lay his head on his chest, while Yunho stroke his hair.
Moments pass and a knock on his door disturbs them, Yunho’s sister emerges, “Jae-oppa, your dad’s in the living room.” She slyly smiles before retreating to serve the guest with the usual.
“I forgot to tell you about that, didn’t I?” Yunho says, uncurling from the sheets and up to grab his clothes scattered on the floor.
“Its okay, I bet he told you to keep a few things from me to keep his plans intact.” Jaejoong pulls a shirt from Yunho’s closet and a pair of boxers, too.
“What plans?” Yunho asks while wondering why Jaejoong’s not wearing his own clothes and a recollection of the previous night popped in his mind.  Let’s just say they left a trail of torn clothing form the kitchen to the bedroom.
“I don’t know, maybe that’s why he’s here.” He covers his own plans up.
“Okay. Let’s go.” Yunho lets Jaejoong out into the living room first and followed closely behind him.
“Hi, Pops!” he knew better than to greet good morning, he ain’t even sure if it still is morning, “What’s up?” He sits on the couch adjacent to where his dad is, patting the seat next to him for Yunho to settle down.
“Nothing much, just thought about checking up on you. And how you two are doing. Since Yunho’s graduating soon, I thought I’d give him a gift. He’s practically family now, after all!”
“Pops,” Jaejoong’s eyes widen and mouths a ‘No, Pops, not yet please?’
“I can’t wait anymore! I’ll be leaving for Japan and Taiwan again in a week! I have to make sure you’re settled before that.”
“Excuse me, but what are you two talking about?” The two Kims bickering was a little entertaining to watch but he can’t help but feel like he’s involved in this.
“Yeah, I was wondering when you two would move in together.”
“Oh, I was just thinking about that a few nights ago.” Jaejoong snaps his head towards Yunho in wishful shock, “And?” Jaejoong almost screams in anticipation, “Well, its about the right time we do, don’t we?”
Jaejoong’s dad claps his hands then grabs a small envelope from his suit pocket, “Perfect! Congratulations!”
Jaejoong opens the envelope for him and sees a set of keys and an address, “Wait, what?” Yunho asks while Jaejoong’s father stands up and taps him on the shoulder.
“Check out the furniture, and everything else. Move in within the next seven days, and you’re settled.”
“Jae,” Yunho switches to him and sees him smiling goofily, “What about my sister?”
“Ah! Mama’s living with her soon, they get along pretty well, you know.”
“Have I been afloat for that long to notice these things around me?”
“Yes,” Jaejoong snickers, “And I’ve asked Changmin and Hae if you were normally like this during exams… They said yes, so I let it pass.”
“But, please, sir, I’ll still be the one giving my sister all her financial needs. My parents have yet to know about this move.”
“Yes, Yunho, I understand that is your duty as her brother and as a son, I won’t meddle in that unless you ask me to.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Pops, I’ll handle the rest, okay?” Jaejoong pleads and his dad agrees, “Of course.” The rest, he means asking him for marriage when everything has been settled with his parents, too.
“Alright, now I’m off to work. You better get ready to, Jaejoong, hm? I’ll see you at the meeting later.” He nods, watches his father’s form exit the place and looks to Yunho.
“This isn’t exactly how I imagined things to turn out,” Yunho reveals, “Not that I’m complaining.” He sniggers.
Jaejoong jumps into his arms and kisses him, Yunho instinctively pulling him up wrapping Jaejoong’s legs around his waist. “Go back up stairs! Oh my god!” His sister shouts in shock at the sight. Jaejoong laughs quietly and eases himself off of Yunho.

- end -

A/N: I'll put up an epilogue whether y'all like it or not. Because Dad hasn't bought me smokes in two weeks now and its weird that he stopped. Now I smoke alone after meals and when we drink... It just makes me a little sad because my favorite bar is now swarmed with stupid douchebags... and I don't want to go there anymore... WHUT THE BUCK IS THIS NONSENSE? And to heighten my err growing frustration, my thesis hasn't moved a bit since sem break began because my thumbnails and concepts have yet to be given back to me after approval because somehow my adviser isn't in the country... How screwed up is this? Okay. /breathe~
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